Dapper Rebels

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“Decked out in preppy cardigans, high-waisted rolled up trousers and Wayfarers to boot, these young men of South Central Los Angeles were an unmistakably dandy bunch in contrast to the considerably oppressive environment they were living in.” – LIFE magazine 1966

The Dapper Rebels of 2018

So my old art school chum Tom Dolan rings me up and he’s looking for a bass player for his new ska band. I’m super happy about this as I haven’t been in a band for 5 years. So it’s cool to get up and thump around again.

Biff Sanders on drums. Veteran ska punk basher.

Mark Belgraph on fender guitar. Has all the chops.

Tom Dolan fearless leader plays keys.

Sabrina and her daughter Piper on vocals.

Ted Knecht grizzled old funk monster on bass.

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