America is in a fucked up place.

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Mass Shootings are now the norm on the daily news. The gun fetish people are all over with their arsenals displayed artfully in their driveways or around a tub with romantic candles. What fuckery is this shit? Does being a … Continued

Growing 2020

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They got big. 5 to 7 feet. So I was rummaging around in a drawer early this year and found some old sack seeds. So I sez to myself, “Self, you otta plant those seeds”. Which I did. I planted … Continued

Fucking Corona Virus

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It’s now mid May and this lockdown has been going on since March. There’s no end in sight even though politicians are forcing people back to work, possibly to their deaths. I guess re-election and the stock market are more … Continued

Sire Basses

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I have played Fender basses for at least 30 years. They are the standard of the industry. But they have become very pricy lately. A decent jazz bass will cost you $1500 or more. I recently discovered Sire Basses by … Continued

Claytonian Shenanigans

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   I hung out at the 35er for Clayton’s birthday party. Brought my bass and a small practice amp. These jams are always attended by the same players. One is a Bass player and damn if I don’t know his … Continued

Connect Graphic

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Connect Graphic is my graphic arts and web business. I got a Bachelor degree from Art Center College of Design in 1985. Now I have over 30 years experience in multiple design fields. Web, Graphic, Product and Illustration. I offer many … Continued

The Bicycles

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2014 Turner Flux V3 I bought this bike from Jeff Chen at Dirt Merchant in Washington State. One of the last American aluminum frames from David Turner. This bike still runs the bushings on all the pivots. It was a … Continued