Claytonian Shenanigans

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   I hung out at the 35er for Clayton’s birthday party. Brought my bass and a small practice amp. These jams are always attended by the same players. One is a Bass player and damn if I don’t know his name. (Dude on the left in the pic above)  He always brings his amp and lets me play. Cool!
   Anyway, these open jams are always frustrating, devolving into predictable one note blues noodling. My dad brought me up on the idea of jam sessions. So when I get the chance to jam I like to lead the players through at least some basic changes. Scares the noodlers and encorages the real musicians. Anyway good times were had!
  An actual band showed up with a singer. There was no PA.
  So the SWR Workingman’s 12 came into play as the PA as it often does. Handled it all nicely.

The scene out side the 35er

35er The Basement