Growing 2020

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They got big. 5 to 7 feet.


So I was rummaging around in a drawer early this year and found some old sack seeds. So I sez to myself, “Self, you otta plant those seeds”. Which I did.
I planted 6 germinated seeds and they all came up in about a week. I bought some 3 gallon fabric pots and filled them with Happy Frog potting soil from Fox Farms. After a month in good soil, they started to crank. All are females… I got lucky!

3 months in and it’s time to replant into larger pots. This time I went with 10 gallon fabric pots.

The girls loved this, and took off again into a veg frenzy. They grew about 6~8″ a day. I trained the branches and clipped the lower branches and shade leaves off. (it never ends)

So now it’s July and time to train and trim. I can see where buds will start to form now. I feel like a real farmer!